Aurubis produces a range of copper-based architectural products, services and design options for the building and construction industry. This includes flat copper sheets with different surface qualities and patterns, prefabricated systems for facades, roofs as well as rainwater systems.  

Aurubis has developed a range of factory-applied surface treatments to provide various stages of oxidation and patination of copper for facades and roofs. Essentially bringing forward the environmental changes without taking away from the qualities of the ‘Nordic Copper’ product as a natural material. Nordic Copper includes variable intensities of green or blue pre-patination and brown pre-oxidation.

Aurubis Benefits

  • Aurubis’ products for architectural applications use phosphorus deoxidized copper, designated Cu-DHP and complying with EN 1172:2011.
  • Protection by its patina against corrosion in any atmospheric conditions, durable and problem-free with no maintenance.
  • Exceptional lifespan demonstrated over hundreds of years, and without underside corrosion issues.
  • Easy malleability at any temperature and no brittleness.
  • Low thermal movement and high melting point, which prevents stretching in hot weather.
  • Non-toxic and safe to work with.

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