Copper is an extremely durable material and one of the few materials that is fully sustainable. At the end of the building life it is also 100% recyclable.

Copper cladding offers a resistance to corrosion and durability that other materials simply can’t match.

Copper Features + Benefits

Low Maintenance Copper requires no cleaning or maintenance and also has strong antimicrobial properties. This provides efficacies against a wide range of disease-resistant bacteria, fungi, viruses and molds. 

Durability – Resistant to corrosion in any atmosphere makes copper one of the most cost competitive over the life cycle of a material. It also protects itself when exposed to the elements by developing a patina over time which reforms if damaged. Copper is one of the only materials to also not suffer from underside corrosion.

Sustainable – Fully sustainable, with ability to be recycled continuously without any loss in performance maintains its responsible management as a valuable resource.

Design – With a warmth and character that appeals to designers and architects alike, copper has played a role in architecture for thousands of years. Evolving from an exterior design element copper is increasingly being used in indoor residential and commercial interiors.