Offering exceptional architectural solutions over other metals, Zinc is a stunning, low maintenance and long lasting material. With the rise in demand for more sustainable materials and natural elements, the use of Zinc in roof and wall cladding has become increasingly popular over the past decade.

A soft, flexible and durable material, Zinc has lifespan of around 60 – 80 years, over 100 in unpolluted environments.

Zinc Features + Benefits

Zinc provides a finish and adaptability that marries so well with the contemporary designs of today. Whether it be an innovative commercial build, modern residential project or interior application, Zinc has the characteristics to make architectural visions a reality. 

ARBS specialises in a variety of zinc cladding + roofing systems and is highly recommend for installations that require a high degree of adaptability. It is important to remember that as zinc is a natural product, it reacts to the environment.  Certain environments such as marine or industrial can cause zinc to sweat and discolour, therefore it is important to discuss your application with our experienced manufacturing team.