Shingle Cladding

Shingle cladding shares an identical profile design to flatlock, but once folded and installed, a completely different wall systems presents itself.

Shingle Cladding System

The Shingle cladding system can be manufactured in copper, zinc, stainless steel, pre-coated aluminium, anodised aluminium or colorbond and zincalume.

The system presents a contemporary and impressive finish.

Normally installed to a ventilated plywood substrate, the thickness can vary with material but can rate from 0.5mm to 1.0mm.

Cladding Profile Dimensions

Shingle standard sizes 150 mm – 340 mm (material dependent).

Custom sizes available on request.

Material Availability

KME Copper | VM Zinc | COR-TEN | Aluminium|COLORBOND® | COLORBOND® Ultra | ZINCALUME®
UniCote® | MagnaFlow®| UniCote® LUX

Shingle Cladding Data Sheet

To download the ARBS Shingle Cladding Data Sheet hover over the image below:

ARBS Shingle Cladding Data Sheet